Life Group 

"As for me and my family, we will serve the Lord.”


The Family LIFE Group consists of couples and families of all nationalities who live in London. The LIFE group welcomes young married couples, couples with children, those expecting children and also single parents.

The aims of these LIFE Groups are to see couples enjoy and honour their marriage and family lives. Despite the busy schedules, our married couples and families make time to gather together weekly so that they can share their lives with one another, grow in Christ together, and have their holistic needs met in the LIFE Group. It is also a great time for Bible studies and prayers.

W H E N /

Friday 7:30pm

Friday 7:30pm

Friday 7:30pm

W H E R E /

Hackney Central station

(nearest tube station)

Borough station

(nearest tube station)

Hainault station

(nearest tube station)


We are an International Church in London Central. We are committed to loving one another, loving neighbours and making disciples.

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