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Life Groups provide an opportunity for building genuine friendships, learning and sharing God’s Word for life application, praying and caring for one another in a small setting. They are casual, friendly and supportive, providing a relaxed environment for people to connect and grow in their faith.

Many lives have been blessed by Hope London throughout the years


Student Life Group

The Student Life group is a good opportunity for students to meet new friends and to share their life experiences with each other. It is a time of sharing, singing, laughing, and eating; and a time to learn more about God.

The students have made these Life groups their home in London, a place where they can come comfortably to relax and have loads of fun. Apart from meeting up once a week, they organise many activities and celebrate many occasions such as birthdays, bbq, sport, cooking and eating nights, Christmas and other festivities. We would like to see students excel in their study and be equipped for success in the marketplace, and most of all, we want them to live life to the full while they are in the college or university. 

Working Adults Life Group

Working in a cosmopolitan city such as London can be very stressful and exhausting. Our working life groups consist of people from all kinds of working backgrounds in Central London. We would like to see working adults equipped for success in their career, finances, relationships, and ministry.


It is a place where the working adults will meet at the end of the week to chill out and share about their work and lives with one another. We also focus on Bible studies, look at life issues and provide a place for prayer support and accountability.

Family Life Group

The Family LIFE Group consists of couples and families of all nationalities who live in London. The LIFE group welcomes young married couples, couples with children, those expecting children and also single parents.

The aims of these LIFE Groups are to see couples enjoy and honour their marriage and family lives. Despite the busy schedules, our married couples and families make time to gather together weekly so that they can share their lives with one another, grow in Christ together, and have their holistic needs met in the LIFE Group. It is also a great time for Bible studies and prayers.

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